Friday, August 31, 2012

Do you know the other side of 'Copy' in Excel? (Copy as Picture)

Since we habituate to use Ctrl+C for Copy, we usually thought there is only one option for Copy.

In fact, Copy has two options. One is Copy as data (Ctrl+C) and other is Copy as Picture.

Try using Copy as picture option instead snipping tool to cut any Excel data and impress your boss in the meeting.

Without any late, I am starting to explain you the other side of Copy.

Types of Copy
  1. Copy (as Data)
  2. Copy as Picture
    • As shown on screen
      • As Picture format
      • As Bitmap image format
    • As shown when printed
1. Copy (as Data) : 
  • Copy means copying something as it is.
  • Here something may be data or format or formula or column width or comment or even empty cell.
  • Once we pasted, either data or format or column width or comment appears/applies to the pasted cell.
Shortcut for Copy is Ctrl+C. You can use this option even from the menu bar.

2. Copy as Picture: This option to be used when you want to paste the copied data as Picture/Image.

i) As shown on screen: Here the intention is Excel displays as picture on the screen and that picture may not appear while printing.

a) As Picture Format : 
  • This Option is part of Picture as shown on screen.
  • Once you paste, then excel displays transparent image. Means you can able to see the data behind this picture.
  • If you observe from the below pic, grid lines of the Cells also captured along with the picture.

b) As Bitmap image format : 
  • This is the second option under the Picture as shown on screen, Once you paste, then excel displays like normal image/picture. 
  • This is not a transparent picture.

ii) As shown when printed: 
  • In this Copy Option, Excel allows the pasted image to print. 
  • Once you pasted the copy data, excel displays transparent image but without grid lines. 
  • Excel allows this picture also, when printed.

Did you ever used the second option? And in which situation you have used the second option? Let others know by commenting below.


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