Wednesday, August 29, 2012

20 Useful Excel Articles Links @ One Place

Here is the list to 20 Useful Excel Tutorials, Tips and Articles.
  1. How To Make Interactive Images In Ms Excel ?
  2. Create Interactive Data Validation by Using Indirect Formula
  3. Time Saving Short Cuts in Excel (Ctrl + Enter) & (Shift + -)
  4. How To Match Text Formatted Number ('010) With Absolute Number (10) In MS Excel ? (Vlookup Formula Trick)
  5. All Worksheet Shortcuts @ One Place
  6. Relative Reference Vs Absolute Reference In MS Excel
  7. How To Create Chart By Using REPT Formula In MS Excel (Excel Trick)
  8. Formula To Convert Date To Financial Year In MS Excel (07-Feb-1987 = FY 1986-87)
  9. How To Send An Email From MS Excel ??
  10. How To Convert Number Into Words In MS Excel ? (Example 100 = Hundred Dollars)
  11. Learn All About Paste Special Options In MS Excel
  12. In How Many Ways You Can Hide A Row In MS Excel ??
  13. Can You Solve This, By Using Transpose, Skip Blanks and Sorting Options ?
  14. How To Extract Characters From Text String by Using RIGHT Formula?
  15. How To Go Directly To the Desired Worksheet In MS Excel (Tip)
  16. Formula To Count The Number Of Sheets In The Excel Workbook (Version 2003 And Below)
  17. How To Extract Characters From Text String by Using LEFT Formula?
  18. 192 Special Symbols By Using Alt Combinations In MS Excel..?
  19. This is the formula to change DD.MM.YY format to MM-DD-YY
  20. Where To Start To Learn MS Excel Logical Functions?
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