Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Extract PDF to Excel Free

Adobe’s Portable Document Format or simply PDF is unavoidable and necessary in today’s age of electronic file sharing, storing and exchanging. When you want to send an Excel table or chart via email, file sharing service, or upload it to the Internet, you will most likely save it as or print to PDF (depending on your preferred way of creating PDF files) first to preserve its formatting, styles and layout, and to make sure that people you are sharing the spreadsheet with can open and view it no matter what device or operating system they are using.

For all its usefulness and uniformity, PDF is of no use when you need to correct your calculations, update data or budget projections. What you need is the original or source XLS(X) spreadsheet, which you don’t necessarily have. Since there is a solution for most computer and file management problems, there is one for recovering spreadsheet data locked in the PDF. It is called PDF to Excel converter software. PDF to Excel conversion tools come in many flavours: desktop, mobile and online apps, paid or, fortunately, free. If your are an Excel buff who is looking for a PDF to Excel tool that is - 

● free, 
● reliable, 
● accurate, 
● quick, 
● easy to use, 
● safe
● with no maintenance costs, and
● without taking toll on your computer resources 

- then go ahead and check out Free PDF to Excel Conversion Online. It satisfies all of the above conditions. Plus - it does not have limitations on the frequency of use or the number of converted files.

To demonstrate how easy to use it is, let’s see what it takes to get your PDF translated to fully a editable and customizable Excel spreadsheet. 

1. Upload the PDF: Click the button Choose File to browse and select the file from your computer. 

2. Input email address: specify the mailbox where you want to receive the message that your file is converted, along with a link to download the resulting XLS file. 

3. Send for conversion: click the button Start! to dispatch it. 

These three steps are virtually all that it takes. The provider translates your PDF and returns it in a formatted XLS file via a download link sent to your inbox. As soon as it is downloaded, it can be opened and edited in Excel, or Calc (for OpenOffice and LibreOffice users).



  2. This is ok but i find better is to open new empty .xlsx files in notepad and look at the pdf and right it in the notepad and then save and you HAVE to put .xlsx on the file name and then apen it in excel and it is translate

  3. Convert numbers into words in MS Excel - Spell Number
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