Monday, January 16, 2012

Learn All About Paste Special Options In MS Excel

Copy and Paste are the most powerful options in MS Excel. If we use excel for 1 hour, I am sure we use these two options more than couple of times. I can say, without these options excel is nothing.

Short Cuts:
  • Copy - Ctrl + C  (or)  Right Click, C  (or)  Alt + E, C (or) Ctrl + Insert
  • Direct Paste - Ctrl + V  (or)  Right Click, P  (or)  Alt + E, P (or) Right Click, S, A  (or)  Alt + E, S, A
Excel given us, 10 wonderful options for pasting Copied data apart from Direct Paste.

Let me discuss one by one in simple words below. For more Explanation including Animated Video you can click the respective heading.

1. Paste Special Formulas: Pastes only the Formulas of the copied data as entered in Formula Bar 
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, F (or) Alt + E, S, F)

2. Paste Special Values: Pastes only the Values of the copied data as displayed in the pasted cell(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, V (or) Alt + E, S, V)

3. Paste Special Formats: Pastes only cell(s) Formatting of the copied data 
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, T (or) Alt + E, S, T)

4. Paste Special Comments: Pastes only Comments attached to the copied cell(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, C (or) Alt + E, S, C)

5. Paste Special Validation: Pastes Data Validation options from the copied cells to the pasted cell(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, N (or) Alt + E, S, N)

6. Paste Special All Using Source Theme: Pastes all cell content in the Document Theme formatting that is applied to the copied data (In simple words it is the combination of Formulas and Formats Option)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, H (or) Alt + E, S, H)

7. Paste Special All Except Borders: Pastes all cell content and formatting applied to the copied cell(s) except Borders
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, X (or) Alt + E, S, X)

8. Paste Special Column Widths: Pastes the Width of copied column(s) to another column(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, W (or) Alt + E, S, W)

9. Paste Special Formulas and Number Formats: Pastes only the Formulas along with the Number Formatting Options from copied cell(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, R (or) Alt + E, S, R)

10. Paste Special Values and Number Formats: Pastes only the Values along with the Number Formatting Options from copied cell(s)
(Shortcut: Right Click, S, U (or) Alt + E, S, U)


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    Regard Sok same

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