Sunday, January 15, 2012

In How Many Ways You Can Hide A Row In MS Excel ??

We can perform one task in different ways by using MS Excel.

For Example, If I want to copy anything, I use Ctrl+C but, somebody may use Right Click and Copy option

Like above, In How Many ways we can Hide a Row in Excel?

I found FIVE option to hide a Row in Excel. (Not by using Macro)

The following are the ways...
  1. Shift + Space Bar, Right Click, H (Shift + Space Bar is to select Entire Row)
  2. Ctrl + 9
  3. Alt + O, R, H (Alt + Format, Row, Hide)
  4. Alt + O, R, E, 0, Enter (Alt + Format, Row, Height = 0)
  5. Drag the Lower Boundary of the Row Heading to Upper Side
Among the above Five ways, I use the First Option to hide a row.

What option you are using from the above? Please let me know if you find any other ways by giving comment here.

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