Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To Go Directly To the Desired Worksheet In MS Excel (Tip)

First of all, Do you know How to Count the Number of Worksheets in the MS Excel? Read my previous Tip to Count Number of Worksheets in MS Excel.

Now coming directly to the Tip. We have more Number of Worksheets in the Workbook, it is very difficult to reach directly to the Desired Worksheet. We have a Small Trick to reach the same by following below Steps.


'Right Click' on the any of the Backward or Forward Worksheet Buttons. Then you can find First 15 Worksheet Names and followed by 'More Sheets..' Option. If you Click 'More Sheets..' then Active box will appear, which has All Active Worksheets in the Workbook. You can Click any of the Worksheet Name to go directly to that Desired Worksheet.

Step By Step?

Let Say your Workbook has 25 Worksheets names Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3.....Sheet25.

1. Right Click the Forward Backward Worksheet Buttons (Any of the button)

2. Then, You can find the box showing First 15 Worksheet Names followed by 'More Sheets..' Option.

3. Click 'More Sheets..' Option to find all the Active Worksheet names

4. Click the Desired Sheet Name from the Active box to reach Directly to the Desired Worksheet.

Hope this Tip helps you.

If you can find any other alternative mention the same below as comment.

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