Tuesday, September 4, 2012

SUM Formula Series - Introduction

Most of the MS Excel users, start their excel formula learning with SUM function. Because SUM is one of the simple and easy function in MS Excel.

In simple terms, SUM means total value of two or more numbers. If we want to add two or more numbers in Excel, we can use SUM formula.

How many SUM related functions in Excel?

The answer is 8.

Correct, we all think that there is only one SUM function which calculates the total value. But there are other seven functions which also calculates the total value of two or more results.

I am starting the SUM Formula Series articles. In this series of articles, I will explain each SUM related formula on each day with one or more examples, starting from tomorrow.

Check this space daily for more information........

1. SUM Series - Introduction
2. SUM Series - SUM Formula in Excel
3. SUM Series - SUMPRODUCT Formula in Excel
4. SUM Series - SUMIF Formula in Excel
5. SUM Series - SUMIFS Formula in Excel
6. SUM Series - SUMSQ Formula in Excel
7. SUM Series - SUMX2MY2 Formula in Excel
8. SUM Series - SUMX2PY2 Formula in Excel
9. SUM Series - SUMXMY2 Formula in Excel

Do you know all the functions from the above list? What is your experience in using these functions. Let other know by comment below.


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