Thursday, September 13, 2012

Few Snaps From Microsoft Excel 2013 - So Tempting !!

Microsoft recently released the preview version of Office 2013. I have taken few snaps from Microsoft Excel 2013. The colors are so tempting and the Excel it self some posh look in 2013 version.

Below are some snaps of Microsoft Excel 2013

Please click any pic and view in dynamic view for better clarity

Immediately after you open Excel 2013

Once you click the Blank workbook

Bottom Ribbon

Worksheet Boxes

Headings appearance - Cell Selection

Excel Top Right Corner

Formula Bar and Address Bar

Office Background - Circle and Stripes

Office Background - Calligraphy

Office Background - Circuit

Office Background - Clouds

Office Background - Straws

Office Background - Tree Rings

Excel Icon after saving a file

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