Monday, February 20, 2012

All Worksheet Shortcuts @ One Place

I am trying to place all the Excel Worksheet related shortcuts here.

Please find the following Worksheet related shortcut keys

01. Add New Sheet : Shift + F11 (or) Alt + Shift + F1 (or) Alt + I, W
02. Delete Worksheet : Alt + E, L
03. Change Worksheet Color : Alt + O, H, T
04. Rename Worksheet : Alt + O, H, R
05. Hide Worksheet : Alt + O, H, H
06. Unhide Worksheet : Alt + O, H, U, Down Arrow/Up Arrow (to select hided sheet), Enter
07. Move to the next Worksheet : Ctrl + Page Down
08. Move to the previous Worksheet : Ctrl + Page Up
09. Move to the Next Worksheet Pane : F6
10. Move to the Previous Worksheet Pane : Shift + F6
11. Copy the Worksheet : Alt + E, M, Alt + C, Enter
12. Move the Worksheet in the same Workbook : Alt + E, M, Up Arrow/Down Arrow, Enter
13. Move the Worksheet to the other Workbook or new Workbook : Alt + E, M, Alt + T, Up Arrow/Down Arrow, Enter
14. Select current and next Worksheet : Shift + Ctrl + Page Down
15. Select current and previous Worksheet : Shift + Ctrl + Page Up

Hope, I have covered all the Worksheet related short cut keys above. If you know any other shortcut relates to Worksheet please let us know.

Which Shortcut you use frequently in your office ? Please let us know by giving comment below.


  1. My fav shortcut from above is Alt+O,H,R for rename the sheet...
    I regularly use Shift+F11, Ctrl+PgDn, Ctrl+PgUp, Alt+ E L..


  2. Nair Vijayalakshmi VijayanFebruary 25, 2012 at 11:29 PM

    My fav shortcut from above given sheet is Ctrl+PgUp & Ctrl+PgDn. i regularly use them while using excel shhets

  3. Hi saran,

    For adding new sheet Alt+I+W also will works.

    1. @ Anonymous,

      You are right.. i have added in the post

      Thanks for your comment,

  4. 36 refs to worksheet here:

  5. Pl let me know the keyboard shortcut to find particular worksheet out of 100 worksheet in a workbook.before few months I was using it, now I have forgotten. It is just like using Ctrl+F to find a name in a column. Now I have to search with Ctrl+Page up/Page down which is tough to find Sheet75. Pl help me


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