Saturday, January 21, 2012

How To Send An Email From MS Excel ??

Today I wanna explain you, How to send an e-mail from MS Excel without opening MS Outlook.

We, usually use MS Outlook in our offices to send e-mails. By using 'Email to Recipient' command in Excel, you can send e-mail even without opening your Outlook.

Excel has Two Commands relates to e-mail.

1. Email : To send the Active Excel Workbook as an e-mail attachment, you need to use the 'Email' Command in Excel.

2. Email to Recipient : To send a Document as an e-mail message (not as an attachment), you need to use the 'Email to Recipient' Command in Excel.

Steps to send e-mail from Excel?

1. Open a Blank Excel Workbook

2. Click the 'Email to Recipient' Command from the formatting tool bar.

3. Then click the option "Send the current sheet as the message body" and Click OK.

4. Then e-mail Ribbon appears below the toolbar.

5. Enter the Recipient Address and e-mail Subject in the given respective boxes

6. Enter the e-mail Body in the Introduction box

7. Click 'Send this Sheet' Command to send e-mail (Short Cut : Alt + S)

8. That's All !!

***The Above option only works if outlook has configured in the system.

In fact, you can send any file, you can add CC and BCC, and much more option are behind the "Email to Recipient" command. You can do R&D and find more options from this command.

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  1. Hi
    You blog is informative, thanks!
    I dont figure out'Email' Command in Excel.could
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