Saturday, December 31, 2011

588 Special Symbols By Using Different Font Styles In MS Excel

Formatting in MS Excel sometimes needs Special Symbols. We can spice up our Excel Dashboards by adding some cool Special Symbols. But from where...? No need to download from outside sources. Our MS Excel itself has thousands of Special Symbols. Then, Where in MS Excel...?

In my previous post, I explained How to get Hundreds of Special Symbols by using Alt combinations.

Now, I am coming to the part of Excel Font Styles. Everyone knows that there are lot of Font Styles in Excel. But we hardly use maximum 4 Font Styles. That is Arial, Comic Sans MS, Times New Roman, Verdana. Did you ever tried Wingding or MS Extra or ... ?

Everything is behind Marlett, MS Outlook, MS Reference Speciality, MT Extra, Symbol, Wedding, Wingding, Wingding 2 and Wingding 3 Font Styles.

You can save the below Special Symbol Chart and use as ready reference, when required. But I am sure, adding Special Symbols would make your Excel Dashboards very effective.

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  1. That is a lot of symbols, i have to say. Though i am kinda missing the icons. Arguably, (and technically), they are meant to indicate the rank of a cell in some way, but still. Im not sure i explained it correctly, has more and better inormation about it. But back to the point: I guess what im trying to say is, that there are even more ways to visually improve excel than just by special symbols.


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